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Fundraising for Centrepoint

We are pleased to announce that our company is fundraising for Centrepoint and is taking part in the Battersea Park Running Festival. Centrepoint is committed to ending youth homelessness by 2037. Almost 136,000 young people approached their local authority for help in 2022-23. That’s one young person becoming homeless every four minutes. The common causes of youth homelessness include family breakdown, leaving care, exclusion from school, gang crime, escaping violence, and mental health issues. Together we can tackle the crisis of youth homelessness today and end it for generations to come. One way you can help is by contributing to our Founder’s and Managing Director’s Oleksandr Bilokon’s fundraiser to help end homelessness:

A statement by Oleksandr Bilokon, Founder and Managing Director of Thalesians Marine Ltd

Our Company is taking place in Battersea Park Running Festival to help Centrepoint in their critically important cause to end homelessness. We chose Centrepoint because it’s the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. They support over 16,000 young people every year and campaign to end youth homelessness by 2037. Thalesians Marine Ltd is proud to contribute to this effort. I am personally proud of taking part in and coordinating this fundraising on our side. Good luck, Centrepoint. Good luck, Battersea Park Running Festival.

Oleksandr BILOKON

Founder and Managing Director,
Thalesians Marine Ltd

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