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The 3rd Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was originally defined by John McCarthy as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

Recently, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak was joined by ministers, diplomats, and philanthropists from about 20 countries at a one-day Global Food Security Summit 2023 in London, where he urged world leaders to harness AI and other cutting-edge technology to end malnutrition around the globe.

Sunak told delegates that a “fundamental shift” is needed to confront a food-security crisis that is being worsened by climate change. He focused on the role of science and said the UK would set up a virtual science hub linking international researchers working on more resilient crops. The UK hub will be part of a global research partnership known as CGIAR.

“Climate change, conflict and population rise mean ever greater challenges to food supplies,” Sunak said. “So we need a fundamental shift in the way we approach food security, with a focus on long-term solutions to stop food crises before they start. And we need to harness the full power of science and technology to ensure supplies are resilient to threats like conflict, drought, and floods.”

For more reporting on this subject, see Euronews.

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, the international shipping industry carries around 90% of world trade. “Ships are technically sophisticated, high value assets (larger hi-tech vessels can cost over US $200 million to build), and the operation of merchant ships generates an estimated annual income of over half a trillion US dollars in freight rates” (link).

A successful application of AI to shipping technology is predicted to revolutionise this critical mode of transportation, deliver a strategic advantage to the industry, and help resolve the global issues mentioned at The Global Food Security Summit.

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